J.P. Sioson General Hospital and Colleges, Inc.

About Us

Our History


J.P. Sioson General Hospital and Colleges, Inc. started as a sole proprietorship by a husband and wife medical team, Dr. Juanito P. Sioson and Dr. Catalina Z. Sioson, in 1969. The clinic catered and served our-patient clients within the vicinity. The services they offered became popular because of the personal touch and dedication of its owners.

In 1971, the medical clinic was transformed into the Bago Bantay Maternity Hospital, a six-bed capacity hospital primarily for maternity patients. In 1973, a three-story building was constructed increasing the bed capacity to twenty (20) and expanding its healthcare services. The innovation gave birth to Bago Bantay General Hospital in 1974. In response to the need for more health care facilities within the area, the hospital added another floor in 1977 increasing the bed capacity to eighty (80).

In response to the clientele’s clamor for a more accessible and affordable health education, Dr. Juanito Sioson offered Midwifery Courses. In 1993, a new building was built in line with the improvement of its educational facilities and a new course was offered, BS Nursing. In 1993, the name of the hospital was changed to J.P. Sioson General Hospital and Colleges, Inc. In 1998, the High School Department was created.

In year 2000, an eight-story building was constructed for the expansion project involving both the hospital and the school. Improvement of the medical service was made. This included 1) inviting more medical specialists who are diplomates and fellows of specialty societies and 2) purchase of upgraded automated equipment for the hospital.

J. P. Sioson General Hospital and Colleges, Inc. has gone a long way in terms of its fulfilling its commitment to the public but one thing is definite, it will continue its noble objective of providing affordable quality services to its clientele.



In five years, J.P. Sioson General Hospital and Colleges, Inc. is the institution of choice for high quality healthcare and educational services.


  1. Workforce
    • To develop proactive, innovative, dedicated and highly competitive workforce responsive to the needs of its clients.
    • To open opportunity for career growth and development.
  2. Service
    • To design and develop programs in response to growing needs of the community.
    • To provide an enriched quality, affordable and up-to-date health care program.
    • To introduce alternative healthcare programs and services.
  3. Viability
    • To address the need for continuing and on-going development of resources in order to maintain the institution’s viability and relevance in the community.
  • Proactive (Industry)
  • Innovative (Creative)
  • Competitive
  • Dedicated (Loyalty)
  • Competent
  • Integrity (Honesty, Respect for Confidentiality)